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Speed Mehrauli by Autorickshaw
Tour Summary

Tour Themes: Fun, Adventure, History

Come explore Mehrauli's hidden treasures in a fun, energetic tour by autorickshaw. Zoom from site to site, p... Read More

Six Religions Of India
Tour Summary

Tour Themes: Culture, History

Explore religious Mehrauli, where Read More

Mehrauli Village Walk
Tour Summary

Tour Themes: History, Culture

Explore some of Mehrauli's lesser known but equally fascinating sites on this walking tour. See a bustling local ma... Read More

Sanjay Van Sunrise/Sunset Hike
Tour Summary

Tour Themes: Nature, History

Explore the wildlife and greenery of Mehrauli's Sanjay Van Forest while walking along the ramparts of Delhi's o... Read More

Archaeological Park Walk
Tour Summary

Tour Themes: History, Nature

Explore the hidden treasures of Mehrauli's Archaeological Park. The remains of the last 800 years of history lay in ... Read More

Indian Cooking Class
Experience Summary

Get the inside scoop as you watch and participate in making some of India's best dishes. Then enjoy the vibrant tastes of these foods, drinks, and desserts.

... Read More

Qutub Minar Tour
Tour Summary

Qutub Minar is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Mehrauli region of Delhi. It is a 240 feet high brick minaret with five storys. It was built as a victory... Read More

The Story Of Delhi: From Mehrauli To Today
Tour Summary

Journey through the last 1000 years of Delhi's history, covering some of Delhi's most impressive sites.

Starting 1000 years ago with the walls of Lal Kot in ... Read More

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Go Deeper Travel

American-based travel company offering services in India.


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Launch India

Mehrauli-based Hindi-Urdu classes and orientation services for foreigners.

Qawwal Qutbi Brothers

Mehrauli's famous traditional music performers

Delhi Art Society

Partners in preserving Mehrauli's architectural beauty

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What is Project Mehrauli?

Mehrauli, sitting in the shadow of the Qutub Minar, is Delhi's most historic neighborhood. It's dotted with the remains of kingdoms from the last thousand years, housing six major world religions, and bustling with modern-day life. The juxtaposition of new against old creates an incredible journey through time.

Project Mehrauli is a new initiative of Blue Darwaza Travel that invites partnerships with the people of Mehrauli. Our vision is to preserve and restore the honor of historic Mehrauli and its people. We aim to do that through a social travel model that benefits the community while creating authentic, educational, and fun adventures for travelers in this often overlooked area of Delhi.

What Makes Mehrauli Special?

Six Major Religions
In Mehrauli there are six communities of faith represented, each with their own unique worship and history.
Centuries of History
From the Lal Kot society, to the Mughal Empire and modern day, Mehrauli is the longest existing community in New Delhi.
The True India
We love the Taj Mahal, but we want to share with our guests a glimpse into the everyday life of an Indian living in Mehrauli.
Potential of Discovery
With deep historic and cultural roots, Mehrauli is steeped with plentiful opportunities for adventure and connection.

The Projects

Restore Honor
Project Mehrauli seeks to reveal the rich heritage of this city by partnering with locals in work and community service.
Connect and Reveal
Our aim is to bring to life the seemingly forgotten, yet immensely important, sites and history of Mehrauli.
Tour and Explore
We offer a broad variety of ways for our guests to see and learn about the historic gems hidden away in the corners of Mehrauli.
Experience Life
Connecting our guests with local opportunities — festivals, home meals, henna — a new side to India begins to appear.

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Adopted Mehrauli Local and Director
Mehrauli Local and Tour Guide
Mehrauli Lover and Operations Manager

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